Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader — Learning Resources

Google Cloud has introduced a new foundational exam called Cloud Digital Leader. It’s currently in beta version and exam would be generally available from June 2021.

Since this is a new exam and training resources may not be widely available, I am sharing Google Cloud documentation reference for each of the exam topics (for most of them), which can help you to prepare for this exam.

1. General Cloud Knowledge

1.1 Define basic cloud technologies. Considerations include:

1.2 Differentiate cloud service models. Considerations include:

1.3 Identify common cloud procurement financial concepts. Considerations include:

2. General Google Cloud Knowledge

2.1 Recognize how Google Cloud meets common compliance requirements. Considerations include:

2.2 Recognize the main elements of Google Cloud resource hierarchy. Considerations include:

2.4 Describe Google Cloud’s geographical segmentation strategy. Considerations include:

2.5 Define Google Cloud Support options. Considerations include:

3.General Google Cloud Knowledge

3.1 Describe the benefits of Google Cloud virtual machine (VM)-based compute options. Considerations include:

3.2 Identify and evaluate container-based compute options. Considerations include:

3.3 Identify and evaluate serverless compute options. Considerations include:

3.4 Identify and evaluate multiple data management offerings. Considerations include:

3.5 Distinguish between ML/AI offerings. Considerations include:

3.6 Differentiate between data movement and data pipelines. Considerations include:

3.7 Apply use cases to a high-level Google Cloud architecture. Considerations include:

3.8 Describe solutions for migrating workloads to Google Cloud. Considerations include:

3.9 Describe networking to on-premises locations. Considerations include:

3.10 Define identity and access features. Considerations include:

Additional Learning Resources

All the best for your exam preparation and success!

Cloud Engineer working primarily on AWS and also certified in Azure and GCP

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